Gourdvine Baptist Church
Saturday, August 08, 2020


Below are a few links that can help us worship God even though we are unable to worship together right now. 
Concerning Compromises by Jeremiah Halsey (5/05/2020)
Psalm 55:16-23 by Jeremiah Halsey (4/22/2020)
For Easter Sunday (4/12/2020) - 
From Jeremiah Halsey, The Precise Cost of Redemption
From Eric Kalenga's church, His Village Church
Prepare For The King by Jeremiah Halsey (4/05/2020)
Prepared in Waiting! by Jeremiah Halsey (3/29/2020)
Heavenly Peace by Jeremiah Halsey (3/25/2020)
Be the Church by Jeremiah Halsey (3/22/2020)

A worship site for Children.
A worship site for Youth.

Brian Woodward asked that we share the following information that may help with some of the shortages we are experiencing.